I love the smell of rejection in the morning

I honestly thought that getting rejection letters would become easier to handle after a while but I was wrong. Every time I get a notice that I was unsuccessful for a job a wave of sadness crushes over me and I sit and spend a few minutes thinking about how worthless I am and how I’m not qualified enough or experienced enough or something else enough to get a job. This lasts for a little while before the myriad of things I have to do that day spring to mind and I’m occupied with running programs and coordinating activities and being a taxi service. And after a while I get over it and apply for more jobs and then repeat the cycle again.

So just in case there are others like me who have had the joy of being rejected from countless jobs I decided to share all of my rejection notices in a spirit of collective despair.

“You were the second best candidate for the role, the successful candidate had more experience.”

First the worst, second the best right?

“We were really impressed by you but unfortunately your availability is too limited.”

Doing all that volunteer work makes paid work harder to come by.

“Unfortunately, we will not be progressing with your application to the next stage. We invite you to continue to visit our websites for other possible opportunities and wish you every success with your job search at this time.”

At least I got an invitation to something out of that one.

“We assessed your application but have not shortlisted you for interview on this occasion. We wish you all the best in your endeavor to find rewarding employment.”

I already have rewarding employment it just doesn’t pay anything.

“We have reviewed your details and on this occasion we have identified other candidates that more closely match the criteria we are seeking.”

This one was for a mining company so I think the criteria I didn’t match might have had to do with a lack of certain organs.

“You would be perfect for this role if only you were Aboriginal.”

This was by far my favourite rejection because it was based on something I have absolutely no control over, I was however, invited to liaise with whoever filled the position on a voluntary basis. (Just as a note Aboriginality is a legally acceptable qualification under the anti-discrimination act so it is permissible to specify employment based on this qualification, it just sucks that I do the same work and then some that those employed in Aboriginal identified positions do except without the money).

I have applied for at least another 5 jobs and have heard nothing back so far. Sometimes I think it’s better not to hear anything because then I can delude myself into thinking that maybe my application got lost somewhere rather than one of the above reasons.

I will probably take a break from job applications over the holiday period and recommence being rejected in the new year!


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